Roots, Boots & Blues Fest promotes responsible consumption of alcohol. Please drink responsibly. Be smart and take a bus, taxi or ride share vehicle to and from the festival. Alternatively, nominate a designated driver to take you to and from the festival. Always look out for your friends, mates and family. Please respect the Southport neighbourhood and minimise noise when coming to and leaving the festival.

If using public transport, please use Translink's journey planner at:

Please note:

*  Don't drink and drive.
*  I.D. will be required to purchase alcohol.
*  People who are unduly intoxicated will not be served alcohol.
*  Bags and eskies may be searched or restricted.
*  Drinking water will be freely available.
*  'Wet' and 'Dry' areas available.
*  'Chill-out' area for rest and help if required.
*  Food and snacks will be available.

Please also visit the Queensland Government's website for a comprehensive guide to alcohol safety and applicable laws: